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Q & A with one our Executive Team Members

We asked Mat Chu, our Revenue and Reservations Manager a couple of questions…

  1. Why do you love Boston?

  2. What do you love most about XV Beacon?

  3. How are you adjusting to the current circumstances with COVID-19, and how has life/or your daily routine changed for you?


Why do you love Boston?

I am born and raised in Boston, and love everything about this city. The biggest thing for me personally is the rich sports history of the city, and sports have become an integral part to my everyday life. I was lucky enough to grow up during the peak of the championship run of our sports teams.

The other aspect of the city I enjoy are the 4 seasons. The first warm day after the winter, to opening day at Fenway Park, to the Boston Marathon, to the 4th of July, to the beginning of fall and the foliage and the first snowfall during the holiday season.


What do you love most about XV Beacon?

The best thing I enjoy about working at XV Beacon is, that we are a small family. We all work closely with each other and always there to help each other. I believe this close knit family at XV Beacon is an integral part to our success. We all work together as team, and always there to help each other to ensure our guests receive an unparalleled experience.

As a luxury boutique property we consider all of our 49 team members like family and truly appreciate their hard work each and everyday. Most of our employees have been with the property over a decade, some even two! We thank all of our hardworking employees and look forward to many more years as one big happy family!


How are you adjusting to the current circumstances with COVID-19, and how has life/ or your daily routine changed for you?

Daily life as we know it has changed drastically. Daily tasks we took for granted like going to work, getting coffee and going out for dinner now no longer exist. Fortunately I have the capability to work from home, but how do you make working from home seem normal? I think having a routine is very important, to have a sense of normalcy and structure. I always start my day with a shower and followed by a coffee as I would any normal day. I find simple things like this provide structure and provides a sense of normalcy.

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