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Q & A with One of our Team Members

We asked Chang Tran, our Sales & Reservations Coordinator a couple of questions…

  1. Why do you love Boston?

  2. What do you love most about XV Beacon?

  3. How are you adjusting to the current circumstances with COVID-19, and how has life/or your daily routine changed for you?


Why do you love Boston?

What is there not to love about this wonderful city, really?! Boston won my heart from day one, when I first visited the States, with its absolutely magnificent architecture and its historical culture. I also live by a fun and diverse lifestyle that this city has to offer. From the different sports activities, especially, seeing people jogging around the Charles River daily to social networking with the young, bright student communities from the best colleges in the World. While I was pursuing my Master’s Degree in Boston University, I felt blessed to have met so many unique personalities coming from different backgrounds, and some of them are now have become one of my closest people. And as a big foodie myself, I love that Boston has various food options to fulfill all kinds of cravings you may have, mine are always seafood, especially the lobsters! The positive spirit of Boston will and always be my inspiration for an adventurous lifestyle!


What do you love most about XV Beacon?

The opportunity to always learn and grow personally as well as one big family! XV Beacon has one of the most intelligent, genuine, and caring people that one could have a pleasure to work, communicate, and befriend with. I absolutely enjoy surrounding myself with each and everyone in this unique culture that the XV Beacon team has had established for more than 20 years and counting! Every day it is exciting and inspiring to see how our team always thriving to create the most memorable and unique experiences for our guests. Together as a family, we grow continuously while taking care of each other, our dearest guests, and our local community.


How are you adjusting to the current circumstances with COVID-19, and how has life/or your daily routine changed for you?

The new normal lifestyle has been quite challenging to adapt at first. My weekly sports activities as to exercising in the fitness centers now have been changed to daily barre and yoga at home without equipment; my simple pleasure as to doing groceries in stores now has transferred to online delivery; the Sunday brunch tradition with friends is now changed to virtual Zoom chats. Although a good part of my lifestyle has changed, I find it’s essential to keep some of the previous daily routines to create a sense of discipline, as such, I still maintain to meditate 5-10 minutes every day, to follow through my skin-care routines, and to make sure my sleep schedule is on point.

During this quarantine, I have spent most of the time on self-improvement as well as making deeper connections with my beloved ones. Now is also a good time to develop a new habit or to excel current skills, and so, I have started journaling to reflect my daily thoughts and to express my gratitude as a new habit, and have also taken some online courses offered by the Ivy League schools to keep learning new things every day! As long as we keep our mind on the positive side, I believe, this too shall pass, and we all will reunite stronger together!

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