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Q & A with XV Beacon’s General Manager

We asked Amy Finsilver, our General Manager a few of questions…

  1. Why do you love Boston?

  2. What do you love most about XV Beacon?

  3. How are you adjusting to the current circumstances with COVID-19, and how has life/or your daily routine changed for you?


Why do you love Boston?

Our incredible sense of community with the perfect blend of culture & arts with legendary sports teams and fans.  Love the rich history intertwined with daily modern life. I love walking through the diverse neighborhoods and along the Charles River and beings to close to the beach, ocean and the mountains. The residents are spirited, resilient and savvy.  Having phenomenal medical and educational resources available is a huge benefit.


What do you love most about XV Beacon?

  • Working with caring and hardworking team who provide exemplary service to our guests and to one another
  • Working for a supportive and brilliant owner with great foresight allowing us to create one of the best hotel in the world
  • Working in a stunning, chic yet comfortable atmosphere with an amazing product and amenities
  • Situated in an amazing location convenient to the best of Boston has to offer


How are you adjusting to the current circumstances with COVID-19, and how has life/ or your daily routine changed for you?

Adjusting one’s life during this period of disequilibrium due to COVID-19 circumstances has been quite challenging.  We were forced to shut down hotel operations and implement shelter-in-place per  government mandate. Not only was it extremely difficult for me to close our doors to our guests, but I was overwhelmed with sadness to furlough our great team of employees.

The lack of control of the future coupled with the fear of the unknown, threat of illness and financial devastation is frightening.  For the past 30 years, I’ve spent 70% of my day surrounded by, working with and socializing with guests, staff, colleagues, friends. Not working/being on property, interacting daily with our staff and guests is a huge mental modification.  My daily work routine has not changed in context, just the location. I continue to get up at the same time and work throughout the day into evening. Actually busier than ever. Strategic planning for the unknown is all encompassing. Hours still fly by but in a different way, now filled with online meetings, conference calls, webinars, administrative tasks which have all increased exponentially.

I do miss my staff, the camaraderie, seeing our guests and attending industry events. I miss going to gym and spending time with friends and loved ones. I do have a new appreciation for technology that keeps us all connected thankfully. I am staying motivated by speaking with family, friends, colleagues and guests via texts, emails, zoom and facetiming.    I am trying to stay healthy, cooking nutritious meals, taking walks (adorned in my mask and gloves)to get some vitamin D, and getting a good night’s sleep.  I’ve dusted off and set up my dumb bells and TB12 bands to remind me to workout.    I used to joke to have the ability to stop time to catch up on special hotel projects and property renovations. Well now, no excuses.  We can and are taking full advantage of it.  And when we do re-open, I am excited that XV Beacon will be a refreshed new property and I am eager to welcome (back) and take care of our guests.


Have questions for Amy or any other member of the XV Beacon family? Feel free to send us an e-mail,  we can’t wait to welcome you back soon!

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