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XVB Supports the Cause!

XV Beacon is lit up in red this month to say thank you to all those individuals on the front lines of this fight in Massachusetts and across the world.

Earlier this month we have gathered some of our favorite New England treats from our in-room mini-bars and brought several bags to the MGH medical personnel, first responders and local homeless shelters. We appreciate all those that are on the front lines fighting for us while the rest of us stay home.

In the spirit of staying home, we wanted to share some activities and recommendations for our friends, family, and guests should they be looking for ways to get through these uncertain times.

  • Go for a walk outside in low traffic areas or play in your own backyard, but fresh air is very important.
  • Accomplish your home improvement lists or tackle some of those reorganization projects you’ve been wanted to do.
  • Experience with cooking or baking and try a new recipe. We have a great Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe for you to try that will be a hit in your household.
  • Of course, relax and don’t feel guilty binge watching Netflix or another poplar TV series.
  • Connect, you can still connect with friends and family through Zoom video conference for free or Facetime video chat.
  • Stay Active, with gyms being closed this doesn’t mean there are not resources available for at home workouts.
  • Read a new book that you never “had time for before”.
  • If you have kids, arts & crafts are a great way to keep them occupied and it’s fun for the adults too.
  • Take a drive, even if you have nowhere in mind to go or maybe you’ve been waiting to try a restaurant that is an hour away but never had the time to? Now is the time to call and see if they have takeout options and make the trip.
  • Family game night, choose a family favorite game and soak up that nice family time that we all were most likely lacking before.
  • Support your local community, whether it is ordering takeout from some of your local restaurants or perhaps you want to make a nice meal at home, you can still buy locally from your mom & pop butcher or pastry shops.
  • Start something new, sign up for an online class or maybe try learning a new language.
  • Dream, keep dreaming of the things you would like to do when we are all able to be out and about. Start planning that vacation you will desperately need.
  • Stay positive, positivity is key for our mental health!
  • Enjoy this time with your family or for yourself, we are always on the go and this is the time to reflect and appreciate this time we have, so make the most of it.
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